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Automation and Controls


Industrial control products are the backbone to all industrial and commercial applications, at Ideal Supply we understand this and have partnered with only the premier global market leaders to deliver high quality trusted solutions that provide maximum reliability and system uptime. From contactors, starters, relays, operator interface and signaling to protection monitoring and advanced power supplies, wiring termination, identification and connection solutions, enclosures and a wide range of accessories. We offer comprehensive solutions through technical product and application support and ensure you get the correct components to optimize time, processes, facilities and results


At Ideal Supply we see the big picture when it comes to energy and how costs associated with usage and penalties are causing all utility customers to feel the pinch. We and our partners have specialized staff who understand that measuring consumption and power quality through monitoring is the first step and a basis to creating a roadmap which can identify priorities based on real data. Information collected need not be limited to simply electricity we also have the ability to trend other utilities such as gas, water, air and steam all of which impact your bottom line. We then work with you to develop strategies based on your priorities, be that power factor correction, energy reduction or optimization through automation and regulation, while providing solutions to maintain productivity and further enhance opportunities for ongoing improvements. Our offering includes solutions in basic to advanced monitoring, power factor correction, harmonic mitigation and voltage level regulation with full partner support to provide custom engineered solutions to meet your requirements.


Ideal Supply is the premier sensing solutions provider in west central & southwest Ontario for presence detection, position control, distance sensing, level control, process sensors, machine condition monitoring, inclination, acceleration, identification systems and vision sensors. Our solution based approach makes us the best choice when considering a sensing partner.


A safe work environment has a direct impact on productivity, company’s reputations and our most valuable resource, our employees. At Ideal Supply we understand the requirements for improving machine safety without compromising production. We have the ability to evaluate the entire process and propose solutions that incorporate functional safety, machine and component life cycles, system scalability, overall efficiency, profitability and most importantly contribute to creating a safe and healthy workplace.


Ideal Supply and our partners are committed to providing innovative support services for our customers. From product and application training to inventory consolidation, proof of concept builds and inventory support. We also offer industrial electronics and electrical components exchange or repair for most major brands along with phone and field technical support, installed base risk assessment studies, front end engineering design as well as start-up and commissioning services and scalable migration paths for legacy installations.


Our MCC packages are custom designed to fit your specific requirements. Standard packages allow you to tailor the MCC by selecting only those options that you need for an individual project, guaranteeing the optimal cost value balance. Intelligent Motor control Centers are just that “Intelligent”, housing a multitude of smart devices that offer optimal motor protection supporting various industrial communication protocols to feed critical information back to operators and maintenance. Having this level of intelligence has been proven to minimize down time while providing roadmaps for maintenance scheduling. Our arc resistant MCC’s can be incorperated into standard or intelligent packages all within the smallest footprint on the market today. With our arc resistant models you gain an additional level of protection which minimizes the potential for personal injury and damage to other ciritical equipment by containing and redirecting the arc energy blast away through directed arc shoots. What ever your application may be we have a solution for you.


With access to a complete range of low voltage and medium voltage solid-state starting solutions we work with our customers to find the best fit for their applications. Whether it is a simple standalone VFD or custom engineered medium voltage soft start with contactor bypass, to start up and commissioning services. We offer solutions for Water/Waste Water, HVAC, Aggregate/Mining, Food & Beverage, Hoisting, Packaging and Material Handling Industries and many more, Ideal Supply are the people to ask for Solid State Starting.


At Ideal Supply we work closely with some of the premier manufacturers of automation products in the World. From smart relays to networked IO systems including wireless options, from machine based PLCs to 30,000 I/O plant-wide redundant hot standby PAC systems. When it comes to visualization we have one of the most complete offers on the planet. Vibrant HMIs, a full line of IPCs, SCADA, Historian, and MES solutions supporting all major communication protocols. Remote access is a breeze and intuitive apps for your mobile devices are available.


At Ideal Supply we offer local motion solutions with global resources through our manufacturer partners. We offer a wide range of solutions from stepper motors/drives, gear boxes, linear actuators, servo motors/drives, multi-axis integrated servo drives and motion controllers for coordinated, synchronized and interpolated motion control. Ideal Supply the people to ask about motion control.



April 25th & 26th
Ideal Supply Trade Show, Barrie Molson Center

May 9th 10th
Ideal Supply Trade Show, Stratford Rotary Complex

November 29th, 30th
VFD Altivar Machine 320 Hands on Training, Barrie 

December 6th, 7th
VFD Altivar Machine 320 Hands on Training, Listowel 

December 13th, 14th
VFD Altivar Machine 320 Hands on Training, Stratford 



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