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Our dedicated 20 000 square foot wire and cable warehouse has state of the art wire cutting machinery, specialized wire marking, digital measurement tools and a fully barcoded warehouse. All this allows us to fill orders with the upmost accuracy and next day delivery!

Our machinery is able to handle:

Did you know Ideal Supply carries these Specialty Cables?

TYPE W – 600/2000V Portable Power Cable

Type W cables are for use in heavy duty services as power supply cable, AC systems, mobile and portable electrical equipment, motor and battery leads. Cables have rope-lay stranding for maximum flex life. Designed to withstand exposure to oil, acids, alkalis, heat, flame, moisture and chemicals

DLO – Diesel Locomotive Cable

DLO is for wiring diesel electric locomotives, railroad and transit cars and may be used on electrically driven earth moving equipment, as power supply to A.C. welding equipment, as water heater leads and in motor and power lead applications. For use in wet or dry applications, conduit, duct or troughs

Welding Cable

Welding cables are designed for connections from electrode holders and clamps to arc welders, bus welding box or transformer. Recommended for use in shipyards, mines and other areas where the cable is subject to extreme physical abuse.

TYPE GGC 600/2000V – Power Supply Cable

Types G & G-GC cables are for use in heavy duty services as a power supply cable and for mobile and portable electrical applications. They can withstand exposure to oil, acids, alkalis, heat, flame, moisture and chemicals

ACIC – Armoured Control Instrument Electrical Control Cable 300V

Suitable for installation in cable trays in dry, damp and wet locations or for direct burial and may be extended through sealing glands without removal of the individual shields, when installed in Hazardous Locations containing A, B, C & D atmospheres as defined by the Canadian Electrical Code.

Multi-Conductor SHLD/UNSHLD FT4/FT6 Cables

Full line of all electronic cables. Ask us for a Beldon equivalent

Fire Alarm – Armoured/ SHLD/ Unshielded

Solid Bare Copper Conductors, PVC Insulation, Red PVC Jacket FT-4, -20° C to 105° C, 300 Volts

Tracer Wire

Solid Bare Copper Conductors*, White Polyethylene Insulation